class biotite.database.rcsb.StructureQuery(pdb_id, chain=None, assembly=None, strict=True)[source]

Bases: SingleQuery

A query for protein/DNA/RNA molecules with structural similarity to the query structure.

Either the chain or assembly ID of the query structure must be specified.


The PDB ID of the query structure.

chainstr, optional

The chain ID (more exactly asym_id) of the query structure.

assemblystr, optional

The assembly ID (assembly_id) of the query structure.

strictbool, optional

If true, structure comparison is strict, otherwise it is relaxed.


>>> query = StructureQuery("1L2Y", chain="A")
>>> print(sorted(search(query)))
['1L2Y', '1RIJ', '2JOF', '2LDJ', '2M7D', '7MQS']

Get the query content, i.e. the data belonging to the 'query' attribute in the RCSB search API.

This content is converted into JSON by the search() and count() methods.