biotite.database.entrez.fetch_single_file(uids, file_name, db_name, ret_type, ret_mode='text', overwrite=False, mail=None)[source]

Almost the same as fetch(), but the data for the given UIDs will be stored in a single file.

uids : iterable object of str

A list of UIDs of the file(s) to be downloaded.

file_name : str

The file path, including file name, to the target file.

db_name : str:

E-utility database name.

ret_type : str

Retrieval type.

ret_mode : str, optional

Retrieval mode.

overwrite : bool, optional

If false, the file is only downloaded, if no file with the same name already exists.

mail : str, optional

A mail address that is appended to to HTML request. This address is contacted in case you contact the NCBI server too often. This does only work if the mail address is registered.

file : str

The file name of the downloaded file.

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